OneBit adventure is a free to play turn-based roguelike RPG game where you battle rogue enemies in endless adventures with pixel art asthetics. Choose from a variety of classes that range in different abilities in this epic dungeon crawler experience. Currently in beta, there is much to discover and plenty more to come this game. Some big features yet to come are epic boss fights, quest lines, and more. 

Currently available for free on Google Play and App Store. PC version is exclusive to but will release to Steam soon for free!


The primary goal is reaching a far into your adventure as possible. Each character has a set of skills and a weakness that will determine how hard your adventure will be. Learn the different builds by boosting certain skills as you level and experiment with what makes your adventure worth while.

Enemy Types

OneBit features enemies of different caliber making you stay on your toes. For instance, let a Goblin take 5 coins and he will do double the damage or try fighting 3 Bats with a Blood Knight and that may be the end of your adventure. The game is still early in development with more characteristics focusing on enemy types that will make you second guess running through thinking enemies will bow before your overpowered damage scale.


You may stumble across a lot of different environments that are open in the beginning levels and then you start to stumble through narrow pathways. These levels are just the start of what the adventure will provide in future updates. Eventually, certain pathways will be opened with dungeons and bosses to increase the potential story you can create. It's not an adventure with fabulous loot and steak!


Find and loot unique items from 2 biomes and face off deadly bosses in order to reap the best benefits to build your character to its full potential!


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does the steam version sync up with the mobile?

Uhh, somehow I got logged into someone else's account? An account with the username "easyman1223"? I don't know how I got into it but I've logged in a few times and it keeps happening. It's quite an impressive account and I'd hate to do anything to ruin it. I've never played this game before but it looks great.

Is there a way to log out? I've tried checking everything in settings and in profile but I can't find anything on the matter.

uhhhh i think the cloud save system is broken i don't remember naming myself aaa or even logging in 28 days in a row

The cloud save isn't connected to the mobile version, but that definitely seems off... Is there any info you can give me about what happened before you updated?

i have never played this game (atleast i don't remember me playing this)

1. Let us move with the arrow buttons, not just WASD

2. Let us change the controls

3. Great game.


Thanks for the feedback. I will add this to my to-do list

Great music! And the game works very well on my phone. Thank you for making this. I'm glad I get to play it.

I stumbled across this game while trying to find an app to play in my free time. I love the style. And, I appreciate the idle effects given to the characters rather than leaving them stagnant between movements. It's a nice touch of polish that I think adds to the overall experience.

I was wondering if I could make some things for the game on my website and YouTube. Such as reviews, let's plays and analyses. See, I'm on a mission to help gamers find free pixel art games. And I think this would be a great game to add to my mobile pixel art games list.

Thank you for making the game and for reading my comment.


Sorry for the delay! You certainly can. Be sure to link it so I can let the discord community know as well!

such an enjoyable game with a fascinating soundtrack! I really wonder why nobody has ever written a comment here


we tried